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Google added ads between emails, adding to users’ irritation

What a surprise for Gmail users when they discovered a new form of intrusive advertising among their emails! This unexpected approach has generated strong reactions, and it goes without saying that this advertising shift is far from unanimous.

Source: Justin Morgan on Unsplash

Google, always looking for new ways to monetize its services, recently decided to change the way ads are displayed in Gmail. Many users have noticed an increase in the number of advertisements in their inbox. This is especially worrisome for those using the web interface.

Advertising between our emails

As if over-the-top advertising wasn’t enough, Google decided to be even more liberal by inserting ads between our emails. Of course, many people complain about this change. When confronted with a user’s concern on Twitter, the official Gmail account responded evasively while linking to a support page explaining how the ads work.

Example of email list ads // Source: @MarkIrvine89 on Twitter

Although there have been many complaints on Twitter, it should be noted that this may be a small-scale test. After all, a few thousand affected users are a drop in the ocean out of several million accounts. However, the future will tell if Google decides to generalize this new advertising approach to all its Gmail users.

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