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Getting paid to play video games? Epic Games will do just that!

Images: Epic Game Store

Published in December 2018, Epic Game Store Valve has since redoubled its efforts to overtake Launcher: Steam. in between Rain of free games, creator codes and many others Specifications It was bought with big checks when it was launched and almost everything has been tried.

However, the launcher is still limited in functionality and in the background compared to Steam.

This time, the store is trying to catch some points again, and that’s it to pay you !

Earn Money Using Epic Game Store?

Announced this Thursday, a new feature is coming to Epic Game Store users. Company behind Unreal machine And From Infinity Blade seems determined to scratch players, It must be expensive !

In fact, from now on, you can earn money by buying your games on the Epic Games site instead of anywhere else.

with epic rewards, A player who buys a game in the store now wins 5% of the amount In his epic account. With a purchase of 10 euros, you get 50 cents to use in the store.

A Refund It is well regarded by the company promoting it.

It couldn’t be simpler to benefit from it! The new Epic Rewards program is always on, completely free and requires no registration. All Epic Games account holders are enrolled in the Epic Rewards program upon purchase. Simply purchase games, apps, additional content or virtual currency (including V-Bucks) from the Epic Games Store. You will automatically earn epic rewards equal to 5% of your purchases. These will be credited to your Rewards balance for two weeks (14 days) after you make the relevant purchase.

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Why wait two weeks for the purchase and give you credit? You definitely avoid asking for a refund.

The idea seems to be directly inspired by what Nintendo has been doing with its Gold Points for so long, it’s hard to talk about the competition on the Japanese company’s side.


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