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France XV – Can Australia snatch Emmanuel Mevue from France’s XV?

If he has not yet been selected in France’s XV, this week Emmanuel Miiafo will prepare for the match against Wales alongside France’s XV at Marcoussi. But since he is still waiting for his French passport, will he not be selected by another country for the next World Cup? We answer here…

This week, just a few days before the final round of the Six Nations against Wales, Toulouse giants Emmanuel Mevu has been in Marcoussis as a training partner in the XV from France, and if he is only to be selected in November, he will arrive in Essonne. Galthia for the coming months. As a reminder, Mevu was born in New Zealand to Samoan parents, holds dual citizenship (New Zealand and Australia), awaits his French passport, and as it stands, his choice remains Samoan as well.

But if second line Ugo Mola had started rugby in Australia and spent most of his career there, could he therefore have failed the XV from France? Recently, the Australian captains contacted their counterparts at the Toulouse stadium to inquire about Emmanuel Mevu aiming for the next World Cup…and beyond. His profile clearly does not leave indifferent Eddie Jones and, to be honest, we understand the new coach of the Wallabies.

Australia backs off

but ? At the same time as his father, Emmanuel Meafou a date in the colonnes of the Midi Olympique puis répété devant les caméras de Canal + qu’il souhaitait représenter un jour l’équipe de France et n’a semble-t-il pas evolué sur le active. On Monday morning, a senior member of Federation Australia told us about the player: “Meafou is dedicated to France, and maybe we’ll leave it there”. Therefore, the question that opened this article is quickly “answered”, As the other says: Despite the various, varied and largely understandable requests, it is likely that Emmanuel Miafo will only have an international future with the France team. But it’s better when it’s said, right?

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