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Eurovision 2023: Why is Australia participating in the competition 14,000 km from Europe?

The continental country will participate for the seventh time in the Eurovision Song Contest this year, but why, even though thousands of kilometers separate it from Europe?

We know l’Eurovision Prolific, full of surprises, economic or political bets but also full of rules that have been added or disappeared on releases. Someone goes back 7 years ago: why does Australia participate in the competition, even though it is tens of thousands of kilometers away from the European continent?

If music has no borders, it is nevertheless difficult to connect the country of Oceania with Europe. as far as integration Azerbaijan In 2008, at the crossroads of the Western and Asian worlds, he did not question, just like Israel in 1975, a cultural shift toward the West, as far as sharing Australia interrogate.

We have to go back to 2015, when Australia joined the competition. On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Eurovision, the organizers decided to reward their loyalty to the Australian people by engaging them.

Broadcast since 1983 by SBS (Special Broadcasting Service), Eurovision brings together Millions of viewers Australians every year. By winning fifth place in its debut, the EBU (European Broadcasting Union) decided to repeat the experiment. It’s a success.

Since then, an Australian candidate has competed every year.

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