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الرئيسيةTop NewsEric Zemor's AI destroys the theory of the "great alternative" - ​​emancipation

Eric Zemor’s AI destroys the theory of the “great alternative” – ​​emancipation


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Artificial Intelligence: From Fascination to Anxietycase

Chez Bol Jemmour poked fun at the artificial intelligence created by the camp. Many of his responses call into question the thought and program of the critical polemicist.

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released A recent look at the dangerous connections between artificial intelligence (AI) and politics. Reconquest, for its part, has introduced an upside to AI with a conversational robot called ChatZ, promoted by Eric Gemmoor himself. Stated Purpose: To facilitate understanding and dissemination of the party’s program by answering users’ questions in about ten seconds. Stopping immigration, cutting taxes on businesses, mandating universal education in elementary school… on all subjects, IA lists former presidential candidate Eric Zemore’s plans.

The problem is, this tool’s intelligence is actually quite artificial. In the question of “What’s the big alternative?”, Far-right extremists kill all the time, ChatZ responds to anything and everything. one step, “Recapture does not preserve this doctrine.” ; another, “Jemmur has placed this proposal at the heart of our political programme”. Spoiler: The second answer is correct. After all, the robot oscillates between u

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