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Economy | Is driving an electric vehicle really cheap?

With the gradual implementation of Low Emission Mobility Zones (ZFE) and the end of sales of new combustion engine vehicles by 2025, the intention to buy an electric vehicle is on the rise. By the end of 2022, there will be 1.2 million electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles in circulation in France, according to Aware France. From January 1, for the purchase of a new 100% electric vehicle not exceeding 47,000 euros, the environmental bonus is set at 27% of the acquisition cost up to 5,000 euros.

However, for reference tax returns per unit below 14,090 euros, the bonus is increased by 2,000 euros. For vehicles between €47 and €60,000, the €2,000 subsidy is cancelled. Ditto for the plug-in hybrids, which benefited from a €1,000 bonus. Finally, the environmental bonus is €1,000 for the purchase of a used electric vehicle. The target of 100,000 charging stations will be reached one-and-a-half years late. Before Covid, 4,000 charging points were installed per year. From January 2023, it will be 4,000 per month, with an estimated 330,000 to 480,000 charging points likely to be needed by the end of the decade.

An electric vehicle is 50% more expensive than a thermal vehicleFabrice Godfrey, mobility and environment expert at the 40 Million Motorists Association believes so. This is the main obstacle. It is for this reason that Emmanuel Macron is working on introducing social leasing, which means the possibility of owning an electric vehicle for 100 euros per month. It was a campaign promise and the Prime Minister recently reiterated it.”

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And to clarify:For this to be possible vehicles cost around 20,000 euros.. In its offering of 100% electric vehicles, the small SUV Dacia Spring is 100% made in China.. Currently there is a very strong omnipresence of Chinese manufacturers in the French and European markets. They come with seriously competitive vehicles. This will be difficult to manage because Europe will have to position itself at the prices of Chinese manufacturers“Knowing that China owns the entire value chain, with at least a ten-year lead in raw material extraction (lithium, cobalt, nickel) and refining.”For now, this is a declarative effectThe expert assures. Subsidizing electric vehicles made in China with industrial waste to China with France subsidizing it is absurd.”

Petrol and diesel taxes bring more than 40 billion euros to the state: “You can imagine that the state will not do without this financial collapse overnight. It’s easy to think that electric vehicles will be taxed. Australia has introduced a mileage tax“Drivers no longer know which engine to turn.”We want to punish them as they have been forced to buy diesel over the years“, laments the expert. “And the gasoline vehicle will have the critter sticker, which will be a problem in low-emission zones at some point. The plug-in hybrid’s AIDS has been removed. It’s a transitional technology..”

Which is the right vehicle to buy? “You should buy it depending on its type of use. Today, an electro-compatible motorist is someone who has a charging station at home and travels less than 100 kilometers per day.

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