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Dematerialized Driver’s License: Using, Getting… Everything you need to know about the soon-to-be-available device

From 2024, e-permits will be available on smartphones. Between acquisition, accessibility and availability, everything you need to know about this dematerialized permit will be tested in certain regions this year.

The transition to digital continues. This Tuesday, May 16, Parisian Dematerialized driving license will be available on smartphones by 2024, reveals The initiative is part of a broader strategy to digitize state administration services such as e-card vital by 2025.

“This is another logical step in the digitization of our society, and it is done with a good change, because the user keeps his original license. Therefore, there is no hesitation in adoption”, argues Pierre Chassére, general representative of the association. 40 million motorists, to our colleagues from Ile-de-France.

Who gets it?

Precious Sesame is available to holders of old three-part pink permits and to holders of the new European design, the size of a bank card.

What would be the use of it?

A dematerialized driver’s license has many potential uses. He can present his “rights to drive” during the roadside test. It can also serve as an online proof of identity in certain procedures like renting a vehicle or sharing a car. Echoes.

With this digital license, one can also provide proof of ability to drive or execute administrative procedures such as requesting a power of attorney without going through a police station or gendarmerie.

“This dematerialized permit will never replace the physical version, but will complement it to make life easier for citizens who prefer digital administrative procedures,” Gerald Dormanin, Minister of Home Affairs and Foreign Affairs, explains to our colleagues.

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“It’s like a certified true copy of an administrative document, which can be useful in the fight against identity theft, for example, making it easier to get a power of attorney,” he adds.

How can it be accessed?

A smartphone will be necessary to access the dematerialized license. You must first install the France ID app on iOS and Android. The permit will be displayed in the Wallet tab next to the National Electronic Identity Card (CNIe). It is available offline.

Pink license holders must register their National Electronic Identity Card (CNIe) in the app to get a digital license. The latter is essential because it contains an ultra-secure electronic chip that allows authentication to a citizen.

To import a license into an application, two procedures are possible. You must retrieve your Restricted Information Report (RIR) from the remote service site remote pointsThen scan the document’s QR code or “import your driving rights” by querying the “road safety representative database remotely” for details. Parisian.


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