Sunday, June 4, 2023
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الرئيسيةTop NewsDamien Kaelin, Bronze Medalist from Perigordee, World Organ Transplants in Australia

Damien Kaelin, Bronze Medalist from Perigordee, World Organ Transplants in Australia

Remember, a few weeks ago I found out about Damien Caelen, a basketball fan from Saint-Laurent des Hommes, who had a heart attack at the age of 12. He returned to sports after a heart transplant and returned as a World Games medalist in Australia.

We drew a picture of Damien Caelin, in a previous issue of Sport en Périgord, see below. This young man from Saint-Laurent des Hommes discovered basketball, at the club Saint-Laurent de Pradoux, where he is still licensed. At the age of 12 he had a heart attack. No more sports, at least for a while, and then there was an operation, a heart transplant, Damien returned to basketball and was just selected for the French 3×3 basketball team in order to participate in the World Transplant Games in Australia. He came back with a nice bronze medal. The first medal in this field for France in the history of the World Games.

Damian returns from Australia, head full of memories

Damien Caelen will not soon forget this amazing experience, as he qualified for the French 3X3 basketball team for the World Games in Australia. It’s a bit like the Olympics for transplant patients. It is enough to prove that there is a possible and very active life after this process. It all started with a hit! Missing player from France, he couldn’t free himself in time for the flight to Australia. There were only 3 of them, the right number to participate in the tournament, and so the French got an impressive bronze medal without any possible rotations. A great achievement by the French players. France finished third, Italy won, and Australia took silver. Damien is not ready to forget the atmosphere, the full stadium, the welcome and the much emotion, and the reward of going up to the podium, a first for the French team.

Italy, Australia and France on the 3×3 basketball platform of world transplant games

Damien Cayley

Upcoming deadlines for damen kailyn

Damien Kaelin trains twice a week and also plays five-a-side basketball at the Sant’Front de Prado club. But he has other important appointments. For mid-May 2023, he will participate in the parishes of the transplants in Rouen. He will participate in the 3X3 basketball tournament but also intends to participate in other events, because the citizens are made above all to educate the general public about organ donations. Then he followed the European Games and two years later, the Worlds again. It still brings back fond memories.

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