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Controlling your home from your car will become normal

Google is pulling out all the stops to encourage developers to use home automation apps on Android Auto. The ideal? Allows drivers to control their home…before they even enter the home.

Android Auto on Renault Megane // Source: Renault

Google wants to encourage the use of connected home applications in its Android Auto infotainment system. This is what we learn from it Blog A few days ago it was shared by an American company. The company is somewhat following in the footsteps of Samsung, which launched the Smartings home automation application on Android Auto two years ago.

“We are now helping developers integrate their IoT (Internet of Things) applications to deliver seamless in-car experiences. [sur Android Auto] “Google explains at the top of its article.

With these apps, users can control their home alarms, but also lock/unlock connected locks, open the garage, or program specific home appliances directly from their vehicle’s touchscreen. … their personal assistant’s voice insists, without needing to resort to command 9to5Google.

When the car becomes a new home automation tool

The media also reports that Google plans to Templates Home automation applications on Android Auto are optimized for driving. Developers can find them in the Android Apps for Cars library and run tests using the Automotive OS emulator, but also via the DHU (Desktop Head Unit) for Android Auto.

Source: Google

Here are the steps developers should follow, summarized by Google:

Finally, the company explains “ Car drivers using Android Auto can now download IoT apps built on the Android Car app library from Google Play. “.Thanks to Google’s support for developers, first users should quickly benefit from a refined experience with integrated and consistent interfaces from one app to another.

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