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Camera Drones, an Unprecedented Device for Crowd “Security”

CHARLY TRIBALLEAU/AFP An illustration taken on October 23, 2022, during an earlier demonstration against the A69 motorway project.


An illustration taken on October 23, 2022, during an earlier demonstration against the A69 motorway project.

Traffic – Two thousand people expected, races ” A slow car », concerts… and an unprecedented security system. This Saturday, April 22, “Aerial Cameras” For the first time in France, the A69 Toulouse-Castres motorway will be used to ensure the safety of the demonstration against the project.

Since Friday, hundreds of protestors against the project, local residents or people from different areas, have gathered at meeting points set up along the 54-km stretch of the future expressway. Officials expect around 2,000 people to attend the rally, which comes less than a month after the clashes in Sainte-Soline.

Unlike Deux-Sèvres, this demonstration received the green light from the authorities, “There will be a distance of about ten kilometers between the so-called Digoza rest area and the departure of the city of Soval”Said the president of Tarn François-Xavier Lauch this Saturday morning.

About 800 constables and police officers have been mobilized, but they will remain in the background in case of demonstrations. “Quiet”, Confirms the province. In parallel, an aerial surveillance system “ Aerial cameras » and camera drones will be used for the first time. “It’s very fresh since the last speeches came out this week.”Refers to the Governor.

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Seven drones and helicopters in Tarn

The text in question, published in the Official Journal on Wednesday, April 19, comes from the Universal Security Act, which was published in May 2021. The use of cameras in the context of demonstrations was initially challenged by the Constitutional Council as insufficient. Precise configuration. The legislator reviewed his copy and received the approval of the elders in January 2022.

seven” Aerial cameras “, under the form “Helicopters or Drones” So used in the course of the event. Only the public prosecutor can see the images and only the police can see them. “We are doing everything we can to let the protestors know that these cameras are being used. There will also be signs at the edge of the event. (…) I remind you of the purpose: security of the event” In an apparent desire to avoid tensions, Darnin commits to statehood.

Because matter is sensitive. In a tweet, the Human Rights League expressed its fears on Friday “Invasion of Privacy, Personal Data and Ultimately the Right to Protest”.

In A statementThe Ministry of Home Affairs was pleased to Real operational progress “. “In some situations ‘wide angle’ vision is essential for coordinating police intervention, rescuing people in large areas (mountains, beaches) or protecting traffic on major highways”Beauvau welcomes, however he makes sure“Prevent, protect and assist is about not gathering evidence or investigating in legal proceedings. »

After an uneventful night, Tarn’s prefect claims to have received “Corporate Responsibilities” For a demonstration Peaceful and family.” “That’s what I hope with all my best wishes”, He adds.

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