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الرئيسيةTop NewsBetween France and Australia, a two-way agreement

Between France and Australia, a two-way agreement

France and Australia already share an enviable position as future hosts of the Olympic Games. In Paris next year on the French side, eight years later in Brisbane on the Australian side. On Sunday, April 23, the two countries confirmed their rapprochement in the Olympic field.

The Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with its French counterpart (CNOSF). It was initialed in Brisbane by Ian Chesterman, President of the AOC, and his French counterpart Brigitte Henriques (photo above). Evidence of the importance of this agreement, the former international footballer made the long trip to Queensland to put her signature at the bottom of the document.

The agreement was concluded for a period of more than five years, until December 31, 2028, and the agreement between the two National Olympic Committees is intended to be broad and diverse. AOC and CNOSF planned to work together on a long range of topics, including cooperation in the fight against doping and abuse in sport, sports health, but also in marketing and even, in an unprecedented way, the staging of major sporting events.

The protocol signed on Sunday 23 April in Brisbane shall also ” Promote collaboration and training exchange between Australian and French sports, to support innovative programs in the field of high performance and research in sports science. »

Comment from Ian Chesterman, John Coates’ successor at the helm of the Australian Olympic Movement: With Paris 2024 looming and Brisbane 2032 less than ten years away, there is much to gain for our two bodies to work together on areas of mutual interest. As a member of the National Olympic Committees of Oceania (ONOCs), we are determined to ensure that Brisbane 2032 will be home games for all of our Pacific neighbours, including the French mainland. Likewise, we have a lot to learn before Paris 2024.. »

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Same story with Brigitte Henrik: ” We are delighted to sign today the first Memorandum of Understanding between the Australian and French National Olympic Committees and to leverage the Paris 2024 and Brisbane 2032 Games to strengthen our collaboration. Under the Olympic Charter, we are all obligated to respect fair play and protect the integrity of international sport. Our athletes are at the center of everything we do. Providing them with the best performance environment, looking after their mental health and, of course, the health of the planet are all issues close to our hearts. I am convinced that stronger cooperation will help us achieve these goals.. »

Among the priorities of the two countries is the realization of a program aimed at bringing together Australian and French schools. Less than 500 days away from the Paris Games 2024, it’s still in its infancy, but both parties assure it will be up and running well before the next Summer Games. Australians know things, they set up a very similar initiative ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. This made possible exchanges between 600 Australian and Japanese schools.

The agreement signed on Sunday, April 24 between the AOC and CNOSF is not the first sign of the strategic rapprochement between Australia and France. Last July, an exchange protocol had already been concluded between the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) in Canberra and the French National Institute of Sport, Experience and Performance (INSEP). The document was initialed in Paris by former swimmer Keren Perkins, general manager of the Australian Sports Commission, and former judoka Fabian Cano, director of INSEP. It provides for enhanced cooperation between the Australian and French national teams, and access for Australian athletes to INSEP training sites, as part of their preparation for the 2024 Paris Games.

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The merger also concerns the organizing committees of the Paris 2024 and Brisbane 2024 games. Vincent Pasquini, responsible for international cooperation at the Paris 2024 OCOG, explained this last month: Frank James : The first, still unofficial, exchanges with Brisbane 2032 have already started, particularly at the financial management level.


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