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الرئيسيةTop NewsBe careful, this Ikea chair may crash your computer

Be careful, this Ikea chair may crash your computer

Keep an eye on this Ikea Markus chair, it will do you harm. Anyway, an engineer found out.

Ikea Markus // Source: Ikea

Ah, the days when furniture was just furniture. Now office chairs have the power to make your screen disappear. do you doubt Just ask Felix Hacker, the German engineer (whose name is already a story) who discovered that his Ikea Marcus chair was the cause of his PC monitor display problems.

Ikea Markus // Source: Ikea

At first, our dear engineer logically thought that the problem came from cables or connectors. But, no, Scandinavian furniture is smarter than that. After some research, Invented by Felix Hacker This problem affects other users who all have the same seat. Obviously, a plastic cover becomes electrically charged, thus disturbing the screens.

Popular static electricity

Static electricity is related to the imbalance of electric charges on the surface of an object. The atoms that make up everything around us are made up of protons (positively charged), electrons (negatively charged) and neutrons (neutral). In general, objects are electrically neutral because they have as many protons as electrons.

However, when friction occurs between two objects, electrons are transferred from one object to the other. This creates a charge imbalance, and one of the objects becomes negatively charged (more electrons) and the other becomes positively charged (fewer electrons). Let’s take a common example: when we move on the carpet in socks or rub our feet, we create friction between our feet and the carpet. This friction transfers electrons from our feet to the mat or vice versa. It creates imbalances in our body.

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Then, when we touch a metal object like a door handle, the accumulated charges try to rebalance. Electrons move rapidly from the body to the metal (or vice versa) to restore electrical balance. It is this sudden movement of electrons that we experience.” Bake the juice or electrical discharge.

Generally, the electrical discharges we feel in our daily lives, such as touching a doorknob after walking on a carpet, are of low power. They generate voltages of a few thousand to a few tens of thousands of volts (1,000 to 30,000 volts), but current and discharge durations are very short (a few nanoamps to microamps and a few nanoseconds to microseconds).

There are even bracelets for that

That’s why these discharges are generally not dangerous to humans. However, although these electrostatic discharges do not harm us, they can cause damage to sensitive electronic components. For example, it explains why we advise you to take safety measures when you handle components of your standard computer.

Our recommendation: Before handling your computer, remember to remove any static electricity that has accumulated by touching an appliance or a conductive object such as a radiator or metal water pipe. Although this is a bit unpleasant, it will ensure that no damage is done to the electronic components of your computer.

Welcome to 2023 – your Ikea Markus is not compatible with your monitor »

You’d think Ikea would mention this little detail in the description of the Marcus chair. Alas, a careful look showed no sign of them on their site. The hacker sarcastically summed up the situation: Welcome to 2023 – your Ikea Markus is not compatible with your monitor “.

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The solution to this problem? Level the chair or replace it. At 190 euros, a chair sporting an electronic sportsport is a bit pricey.

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