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Australian Formula 1 night race, genius idea or an aberration, after the mayhem of 2023?

F1 Australia

2023 Australian Grand Prix, Friday – Jerry Krink

Some will probably take a leap of faith reading these few words, spoken by Andrew Westacott, CEO of Australian Grand Prix Corporation (AGPC), on Sky Sports. In fact, the interested party does not rule out modifying the program and philosophy of the F1 GP in Melbourne, in the future. With a virtual night race. Something that might seem risky for the drivers, given last weekend’s event and the many crashes and interruptions of the race.

F1: Future of Australian Grand Prix ‘open’

However, the interested party seems to prefer the course of today’s event, both in the short and medium term: “For the Australian Grand Prix, the advantage is racing in the sunshine. But I would also say that with the expansion, what Victoria State is doing great is innovating in the big events. IWe have to look at the next 15 years which is why the Victorian government felt it was important to get the extension. We can [donc] Think of things for the future. The cool thing is we’ve had a partnership with Formula 1 since 1996, so we can do these things within a very strong relationship. Being open minded is probably the easiest answer.”

A new trend in fashion in F1, the principle of the Night Grand Prix is ​​still quite controversial, especially in terms of ecology and above all energy saving. In addition, the popularization of this type of event could jeopardize the DNA of the first category of motorsport….

The article was published at 7:30 am on 07/04/2023

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