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الرئيسيةTop NewsAustralia coach Eddie Jones wants to work with Pierre-Henri Broncan

Australia coach Eddie Jones wants to work with Pierre-Henri Broncan

In recent days, Eddie Jones, the new coach of Australia, has been in France. For example, we saw him on the Montpellier side as his team will have a training period before the start of the World Cup. He also stands in front of the La Rochelle Training Center where he meets the giant Will Skelton, who is based on him. Between these two trips the technician also stopped near Toulouse but not for sightseeing. He had a business meeting. More specifically, the matter should be discussed with Pierre-Henri Broncan, the former coach of Castres who left his post on February 20.

Eddie Jones would really like Gersuis to join his still-unfinished art team. The two men know each other well and love each other. They met when Broncan was working for Bath, between July 2020 and July 2022. Jones would like Broncan to take over as strikers.

He had already sent him a proposal for a short-term assignment which would run from May to the end of the World Cup (8th September – 28th October), and which would allow Broncans to discover championship rugby, the competition that brings together the four main nations of the southern hemisphere (New Zealand and Australia). South Africa and Argentina) which will be held in July, in a shorter format than usual.

The idea of ​​being able to participate in this World Cup seems to appeal to the former Castrese. Australia is not the only country pursuing him as Fiji is looking to recruit him, who is fluent in English. Broncan is therefore spoiled for choice because in addition to Australia and Fiji, he is one of the technicians Perpignan has contacted. He was also met by the Catalan captains who also discussed with Verne Cotter, the former coach of Fiji, and with Julien Laerle, on Thursday.

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