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Artificial Intelligence: What is Auto-GPT, this tool that “automates” ChatGPT?

How far can we trust artificial intelligence? If the arrival of ChatGPT makes us question ourselves, Auto-GPT pushes us to find the answer… Released a month ago, this new tool will work without human intervention to answer more or less complex tasks, determining its own levels to reach.

The difference between ChatGPT and Auto-GPT lies in the tool itself. ChatGPT presents itself as a conversational bot: we ask it a question, it answers it and, according to its knowledge, can refine its answer or ask another question. For Auto-GBT, the user sets a goal and the algorithm racks its brains to achieve it by first defining its own plan to get there (a plan it modifies as it progresses). When ChatGPT needs help, Auto-GPT doesn’t need anyone because it queries ChatGPT and helps it. To do this, you can “connect” to the Internet to receive Auto-GBT information. It can create scripts, run them, and create files.

Published in the first edition on March 30, On the Github platform, Auto-GBT was originally developed by video game company founder Significant Gravitas, and now hundreds of contributors have joined. The aim of the project can be summed up in a few words: “To create the world’s first AGI”, AGI is an “Artificial General Intelligence”, comparable to the intelligence of a human.

A more complex tool than ChatGPT

Using Auto-GPT is not as easy as ChatGPT. The basic version of the tool requires several softwares to be installed on his computer and requests to be made in the command terminal. The AgentGBT website It does, however, allow you to use Auto-GBT directly in your web browser without installing anything on your computer, but it’s limited in this configuration. Since it uses the services of Open AI, it is necessary to subscribe to GPT Plus to make requests without any limitation.

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If we can figure out how to write a book with ChatGPT and the need to be guided in writing it, we can imagine Auto-GPT writing the whole thing. In the same idea, Auto-GBT can write articles on a given topic (“Write me an article…”) or news and new information flow (“Write me news articles…”) ”). We can also imagine creating a site from A to Z and asking him to retrieve all the pages in a folder.

Let’s see what we can actually do with Auto-GBT. An experimenter created ChaosGBT through him, whose goal was to “destroy humanity”. As the video shows He posted it on YouTube, “Robot” first looked for more destructive weapons before moving forward with his plan. And Bode to come forward, then in his search: “Humans are among the most destructive and selfish species. There is no doubt that we must eliminate them before they do too much damage to our planet. For my part, I promise to do so. »


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