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Any smartphone can be heard, warns a startup presented on the Lilly forum

All Skilled Spying can be done without installing any third-party software. That’s the warning from the founder of start-up Dust Mobile International Cyber ​​Security Forum (FIC) Lille, where he received the Grand Jury Prize.

500 dollars per month on the “dark net”. [la partie la plus difficilement accessible d’internet]Only by knowing your number, the hacker, remotely and without your knowledge, can find your phone, intercept, listen to your calls and your SMS and MMS, modify them and send them back to you or send or call as if you were” , explained to AFP, Jean-Michel Henrard .

Mistakes are as old as networks

So his company has developed a security system against this risk Theft Not much known, who is watching Hackers Specifically exploiting security flaws in SIM cards or systems to allow two people who are not the same operator to communicate. These are mistakes as old as networks themselves.

“These communication protocols between operators were originally designed to be insecure because only the operators could access them. Now everyone has potential access. “Hackers” can thus launch attack commands, and they need to have your “06,” says Jean-Pierre, a former employee of Fujitsu Telecom, Airbus Defense and Thales. Michael Henrad said.Dust Mobile, on the other hand, doesn’t care about Internet messaging apps.

Dust Mobile, a mobile cyber defense operator, has been marketing a firewall SIM card since 2020: the user is alerted in case of an attack so that they can be blocked. It is intended only for companies and state services, “to avoid protecting people who shouldn’t be,” the chairman said.

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More and more sophisticated hacks

By 2022, the start-up had raised 12 million in funding and had more than a hundred customers. It detects attacks with “IMSI-Catcher”, a very well-known function used especially by intelligence services. It makes it possible to intercept data or conversations by simulating a network antenna.

“These flaws, already reported by the European Cybersecurity Agency and the global operator group GSMA, are a concern for all operators, including 5G, even if some have implemented very strong protections”, noted Jean-Michel Henard. Phone hacks have become more and more sophisticated, with software that cleverly installs itself on a phone and spies on its contents. One of the most famous, PegasusHe recently targeted world leaders including Emmanuel Macron.


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