These new features on WhatsApp are aimed at protecting users from identity theft and account takeover. WhatsApp wants to make sure that conversations remain private despite more and more sophisticated cyber attacks.

New Features in WhatsApp

These new features on WhatsApp are aimed at protecting its 2 billion users from cybercriminals. Cyber ​​attacks that attempt to use the popular messaging system to capture users’ personal data continue to proliferate. Specifically, the so-called “six-digit text message” scam, where a “friend” contacts the victim and sends him a code he received.

Further, Hackers cannot access news content thanks to two-factor authentication. While WhatsApp is end-to-end encrypted, Meta has decided to strengthen its instant messaging security with several features. To improve your experience on the instant messaging platform, to provide “more privacy and more control over messages.”

WhatsApp Device Verification

Among the new functions in WhatsApp, we single out device verification that fights against malware. With end-to-end encryption, messages sent between users cannot be read by anyone, not even WhatsApp.. However, users are still vulnerable if cybercriminals compromise communication endpoints.

In this sense, hackers can steal the authentication key and impersonate the victim. Including sending spam, fraudulent or phishing messages to other victims.
as a consequence, It wants to add meta-validations to authenticate an account by introducing three new parameters. A security token stored on the device, a nonce, and an authentication challenge If there is a suspicious connection. These different components make it possible to automatically block hacking attempts without disturbing the user.

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WhatsApp security: Anti-hacking functions

In fact, WhatsApp is also developing two new security features. Account Protection (Account Protection in French) Alerts the user when logging in to new devices. “Do you allow me to transfer my WhatsApp account to another phone?” That’s a window. appears. It should notify the recipient’s device and the time of the attempt in the event of an unauthorized attempt to access the user’s account.

Additionally, there is a second function called Automatic security codes. this’Cryptographic security feature to automatically verify secure connection based on key transparency. By clicking “Encrypt” and confirming the security code through the QR code, the user can verify that the conversation is secure.