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Android 14 helps you find original wallpapers… thanks to AI and emojis

Google has announced several new features for Android 14 to help its users create unique wallpapers.

Google has already announced new features related to its app. Find My Device “, the company also lifted the veil on the aesthetic innovations of the next version of its operating system, Android 14.

While the company already offered advanced graphic customization functions with Material U, the company used its Google I/O conference to unveil new customization functions based on artificial intelligence, especially the lock screen and background.

Android 14 will allow users to further customize their lock screen, similar to what Apple has been offering since iOS 16. This allows users to change the type of dial displayed. Users can integrate shortcuts to frequently used applications.

Wallpapers based on emojis

Another customization offered in Android 14 is emoji wallpapers. Sure, users can choose an image as wallpaper, but also multiple emojis. Android 14 will create a wallpaper based on these emojis, but also based on the user-selected layout or color of the wallpaper.

Additionally, the emojis on the wallpaper are interactive. A reminder of what Google already provided with the wallpaper of its first Nexus, the Nexus One, in 2010.

Finally, Google will allow users to create “cinema wallpapers.” Based on a photo, when users tilt their smartphone, they can create a 3D effect with visible parallax.

No need to wait for Android 14, these features will be available on Pixel smartphones next month.

AI generated in the service of unique wallpaper

Android 14 can also use artificial intelligence to create original wallpapers. However, this feature will be released later this year, sometime in the fall.

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Additionally, Google has announced an innovation this time around its messaging app, Google News. Now, when typing a message in the text field, users will be suggested reformatted responses based on their preferred tone. For example, if they initially type “ are we going to eat », can give advice with a professional tone « Shall we have lunch together? “.

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