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الرئيسيةTop NewsAlas, this terrible malware will make your Android unusable

Alas, this terrible malware will make your Android unusable

Smartphone users are running android From the new ones are called to a greater awareness Malware Circling the baptized dam. Revealed by cybersecurity firm CloudSEK, it infiltrates devices while downloading new apps. The risks it poses can be particularly significant, reports state Phoneandroid.

Devices are affected by APK files or during installation of applications Siphon, Boulders and Currency Pro. The risk is significant because the software can avoid detection by anti-virus tools, making its removal more difficult. Daam can perform many illegal activities such as recording phone calls or VoIP calls, but also stealing information about contacts, files on the device and new contacts.

Encryption and code conversions

This data is sent back to a control server controlled by the hackers. But that’s not all. Thanks to the AES algorithm, the malware can encrypt all files on the phone without its owner’s permission. It can change the password, see the pin code and thus make the terminal completely unusable by using ransomware.

There are precautions you can take to avoid inadvertently downloading such software. It is best to choose only applications offered in official Android stores. Even in the latter, it is recommended to read the comments and evaluation of the application. However, some malware still manages to slip through the cracks. Google It recently removed 36 affected apps from its Play Store.

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