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AI is starting to develop and it’s amazing

Adobe released a beta version of Photoshop that integrated an impressive feature called Generative Fill or Generative Fill, which allows you to fill functions guided by artificial intelligence. And the result is surprisingly convincing.

More artificial intelligence! What an amazing time we live in, don’t we? Machines are now learning instead of our creativity and talent. The latest version of Photoshop beta introduced a new feature that the American company calls “. Formative complement “. It’s an innovation that eliminates the need for human intervention. Need to get rid of an awkward ex from that vacation picture? Need to add a little more sky to that mountain shot? Firefly, Adobe’s AI, is here to help.


What’s particularly fascinating is how Firefly automatically handles the perspective, lighting, and style of images. Like a skilled artist AI who has spent years studying the ins and outs of photography. This function Formative complement Sounds good, or so Adobe wants us to believe. Obviously, the tool is not perfect. In fact, it can sometimes produce very comical results, creating elements that don’t make sense. In general, although the obtained results seem very decent, it should be noted that to achieve such quality manually, it will require a significant investment of time.

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function Formative complement Firefly is trained on millions of high definition images from Adobe Stock. Adobe promises that it guarantees that Firefly will not create content based on another person’s intellectual property or another brand. In short, don’t worry about legal errors.

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Photoshop-created content is presented in “creative layers” that allow the user to experiment and modify as needed. Generative Fill, on the other hand, integrates “content identifiers” to determine whether a piece of content is human-generated, AI-generated, or AI-modified.

At this time, you cannot use images created with the beta for commercial purposes. However, in the final version, which will be released in the second half of 2023, you will be able to use the images you created for commercial purposes. So get ready for a new era of image making.

Adobe likes it

The world of AI never stops, and Adobe is certainly not alone in the game. Similar functionality has already been available in OpenAI’s DALL-E 2 image builder and editor since August last year, as well as various tinkered versions of Stable Diffusion. So yes, you could say that Adobe is playing catch-up by integrating these features into its flagship product.

If you haven’t subscribed to Creative Cloud yet, you can try it for free Formative complement on the Adobe website By signing in to an Adobe account through a web tool. Good news, Adobe recently removed the waiting list from its Firefly beta.

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