Monday, May 29, 2023
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الرئيسيةTop NewsAfter his ridiculous season, the final humiliation of Ben Simmons in Australia!

After his ridiculous season, the final humiliation of Ben Simmons in Australia!

Ben Simmons has become the laughing stock of the league this season, with an offensive performance unbecoming an NBA player. Furthermore, in the continuity, he just received terrible humiliation in his home country. After being swept away by the national coach, he finally faced the terrible wind of the World Cup.

Ben Simmons It will go down in history in the league, that’s for sure. A talented young player, a leader with a unique profile capable of defending in all positions, who seems to have lost all his basketball in a series of playoffs… he noted after eliminating the Sixers against the Hawks in 2021, ‘The Aussie lost all of his self-confidence’ From then on he was a shadow of the talent he was before.

While some thought a change of scenery would benefit him, his arrival in Brooklyn was marked above all by disastrous performances and frequent injuries, such that his future was now called into question. The good news for Knights is that he is finally looking excited and, according to the Australian national team coach, would even like to play a World Cup to find the sensations in a familiar environment.

Ben Simmons swept away, then was knocked down by the Australian selection!

I understand Ben is in a state of mind where he wants to be healthy, fit, and ready to play the World Cup with us. I think he’s been thinking that way for a long time. I think he understands what it means to wear the shirt of this team and he enjoys representing his country. He will meet the people he grew up with.

Brian Georgian’s words a few days ago were rather clear: Ben Simmons will always be in his place in the Australian selection and especially in the World Cup, for which he will prepare seriously. The concern is that this hopeful announcement was followed by an incredible humiliation…it was not kept in the contest prep pool.

Ben Simmons is scheduled to participate in the World Cup, as his coach explained, in the end he was not kept in the squad that will prepare … Except for a miracle and a colossal preferential treatment, he will not be the leader of the Nets from the Asian adventure, which can deal him a new mentally terrible blow .

Ben Simmons is rather weak on a psychological level, and such a powerful blow can do him a lot of harm … unless his coach covers his tracks and waits for the right moment to include him in the group.


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