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abnormal. Paying each his rent a penny less, the tenant drives the landlord crazy

The tenant-landlord relationship is not always easy. In Australia, a landlord shared his story on social media trying to get help when a tenant started paying a penny less than their rent each week.

In Australia, the tenant seems to enjoy the nerves of the landlord. And he is desperately trying to find a solution, because the person who rents his property enjoys being paid a penny less than the agreed-upon rent each week, which is the classic rate of rent payment in Australia.

As explains, it was reported by our colleagues from Western Francewho discovered the information, the landlord explained on a dedicated Facebook group, that three months after the lease began, and while he had so far paid the agreed amount for the rented villa, i.e. $1,200 per week, the tenant began paying exactly $1,999.99 in the month.

Repairs must be made

The landlord has clearly made it clear that he does not want to renew the lease with this rowdy tenant, but he still has several months to go. At the lessor’s request, the tenant responded, confirming that he was paying $1,999.99.

The Australian site also specifies that the tenant also asked the landlord not to question him on this subject, and reminded him that the house he was renting required a certain number of repairs. On Facebook, the exchanges were transmitted and the comments did not take long to come. If some support it, many enjoy the landlord’s dramatic attitude. “So there are 52 weeks in a year and they’re upset about 52 cents in total?” , confirms eg user.

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Others, on the other hand, criticize the attitude of the tenant, who complains about repairs “that he could do himself” and that his approach was “contemptible”.


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