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A woman lost five days in the woods thanks to popsicles and a bottle of wine

Sweets and wine. This is what saved a 48-year-old woman who got pregnant disappear Since April 30 in the bush Australiareports BFM TV. Police announced on Saturday that they were able to find her safe and sound forest From Bright in the southeast.

The Australian, who was on vacation in this area, was going to Dartmouth Dam. On her way, she takes a wrong turn. While trying to turn, his car got stuck in the mud. Police explained. Being in an area with no mobile coverage, about sixty kilometers away from the first town, she couldn’t call for help. Her health condition prevents her from walking, so she decided to stay near her car. “She used her common sense to stay by her car so she wouldn’t get lost in the bush, which enabled the police to find her,” said Martin Torpey of Wodonga Police Station.

She has never drank alcohol

As for food, she didn’t have much choice. Planning to leave for the day, she found only a few in her car Various pieces of candy, including lollipops. She didn’t take any water other than a bottle where. Ironically, the Australian does not usually drink alcohol. It was a gift for his mother.

The missing person was found thanks to the patrol, which flew over the area with a helicopter. the Police men He can see the car. In the video released by the police, we see the 40-year-old waving her arms, showing that she is alive. A little later, a car patrol was directed at her. She was hospitalized and treated for dehydration.

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