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A technique scammers use to blow up your bill by taking control of your tax

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This scam is called “SIM Swapping” and it is a scam It involves duplicating the SIM card to get your hands on your phone connection. In recent months, it has wreaked havoc in France. Many people are caught, and if you don’t want to be one, here’s what you need to do.

They impersonate your operator

Like most scams it all starts with a fraudulent SMS. The scammer tricks you into believing he is your phone company Notifies you of the new SIM card You will get

Obviously, you didn’t order anything. So it invites you to click on the link. What you shouldn’t do, because it’s wrong.

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According to Jérôme Notin, this link will redirect you to the page A fake operator page. It asks you to enter your “Logins” and your “Passwords”. But in real life, by entering your details, you are giving them to cybercriminals.

Young woman looking worried while using mobile phone in kitchen at home – Photo credit: iStock

These are the latter Then link to legitimate sites, general manager of cybermalveillnace site explained. They will impersonate you by contacting your phone operator.

If they order a new SIM card yours will be deactivated. Now he gets your line and uses it to call abroad frequently The bill is high.

A package of not more than 450 euros with its SIM card

There are many victims of this scam. All testify that their SIM cards Deactivate without ordering. There are others that reveal the existence of a “package not exceeding 450 euros”.

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But worse. In fact, now they have your number, cybercriminals You can find out your identification codes. Because your bank thought it was you and sent you those codes. This gives them access to your accounts.

In fact, these codes can give them access to your loyalty card or bank account. Or for all online shopping accounts You can keep it on secure sites.

“It allows them to divert the money, or package, or purchase to their advantage,” explains Lumena Duluk. The latter was the director of the French Information Security Club (CLUSIF).

That Here’s what you need to do to avoid this SIM card scam. Do not click on any link you receive in an SMS or email. Especially if you have the slightest doubt about the origin of the message.

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SIM card
A young man in black with a hidden face. A malicious fraudster uses mobile. A scammer calls. Fraud – Photo credit: iStock

If you have ever been the victim of such a scam, Go to the authorities and file a complaint. Thus they can go back to the crooks.

Be alert and cautious

If your phone is behaving strangely, you can quickly contact your phone carrier. Also use double authentication and If necessary, create strong passwordsUse a password manager.

Be very careful and Be alert when receiving calls or messages Requests personal information or financial data. Don’t forget to check your account details regularly. Please let us know if there are any changes.

This SIM card fraud is becoming more and more popular and banking companies are aware of it. This is why some banks Provides direct verification of the transaction Through their use.

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This reduces the risk of double authentication SMS interception. Victims can also avoid Have to spend a lot of money.

The French Telecommunications Federation also offers a solution for the security of invoices, contracts and SIM card orders.

SIM card
SIM Card – Photo Credit: iStock

SIM Card Fraud: A phenomenon since 2019

The phenomenon was detected in the United States in 2019. Then it spread very rapidly in Europe in recent months. It has grown tremendously. Especially in France.

“Especially in the context of bank phishing, we have seen the attacker receive fraud confirmation codes via SMS,” notes Jean-Jacques Latour. Parisian.

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Head of Expertise at Cyber ​​Maliciousness It also indicates that they are diversified. Attackers also practice charging a line higher. Why is it used as a relay? Mass sending of fraudulent text messages.

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