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A Furby plush connected to an artificial intelligence claims to want to rule the world

Published on Saturday, April 08, 2023 at 1:40 pm.

An American programmer linked the iconic soft toy from the early 2000s to ChatGPT. In question, Furby announced a grand plan to take over the world, BFMTV reported.

Will we soon be at Furby’s mercy? Released in the late 1990s, these tiny robot cuddly toys, looking halfway between an owl and a mogwai, are said to be intent on taking over the world.

This indicates BFM TV, Friday, April 7, which reports the story of American programmer Jessica Card. A few days ago, a young woman who defines herself as a “knitting enthusiast” on her Twitter account posted a video of one of her recent experiences. We see the corpse of a Furby, with only the eyes and beak visible. “I combined ChaGPT with a Furby and I think this will be the start of very bad things for humanity”she wrote in the caption of her video.

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Jessica Card decides to interrogate the toy connected to artificial intelligence and asks if Furby wants to take over the world. And she hadn’t expected such a confusing response. “Furby’s plan to take over the world is to infiltrate homes with their cute and cuddly looks”After a few seconds of reflection, the stuffed animal responds. “They will slowly expand their influence until they completely dominate humanity”, also clarifies the evil Furby. A discourse inspired by the publications of the medium Futurism on Facebook underlines BFM TV, because ChatGPT gets its information from the Internet. So, there’s little risk of seeing her cute Furby turn into a Chucky doll.

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