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5 Hidden and Practical Features of Safari

Safari is an underused web browser that comes installed by default on iPhones and other Apple devices. Most people prefer Google Chrome for its ergonomics and functionality. however, Safari is also a good web browser. Despite its simple appearance, it offers a good display for surfing the web. Along with this, Apple has equipped its browserOther minor features that can come in handy Under certain conditions.

Create a mobile app for a website

Not all companies offer a mobile app for their website. That can happen too No mobile app available for iPhone. In other cases, the website version is more ergonomic than the web application version. In this case, you have a choice Clone a website as a mobile app will appear on your home screen. Then you never have to open the browser.

To create a mobile app for a website from Safari:

  • Go to the website address in your mobile browser;
  • Click the Share icon;
  • Scroll through the options and click on the option On the home screen ;
  • If desired, edit the name and press Collaboration.

Wait for a while and the app icon will appear on your home screen. Once you tap on it, it will open as an app.

Go to the tab that was closed by mistake

Safari allows you to navigate between multiple tabs. An even more dangerous practice: closing one tab when you want to close another. It happens to everyone and is often annoying.

Well, if that happens to you Accidentally close Safari tab on iPhone, don’t panic. Shake your phone. You will see a pop-up message asking if you want to cancel the shutdown. press on Yes Your tab has been reset.

Another trick to access a recently closed tab is to tap on the Windows icon at the bottom right of the screen. Then keep the symbol +. After a few seconds, you’ll see a list of recently closed tabs. Tap on what you want to restore it.

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Close all tabs at once

Opening multiple tabs in Safari is a bug that drains your iPhone battery. But that’s what we do every time. If you have trouble closing your tabs one by one, there is an option to close them all at once. To do this, press the Windows icon at the bottom right of your screen. There you can close all your tabs at once.

Also, it is possibleSelect Auto Close. Go to Safari Settings Program your tabs to close automatically. You can choose time frames like one day, one week, one month.

Find the right tab

The other problem with finding multiple tabs in your Safari mobile browser is that you can get lost later. We don’t know which of the 150 open tabs talking about the article about the best smartphones for 200 € in 2023 or about it. New in iOS 17. Fortunately, Safari can help you find your way around quickly.

To do this, press the Windows icon at the bottom right of your screen. Scroll through the tabs to move up. There you will see a search field. Enter some keyword and you will see all open tabs talking about it.

Go quickly to the top of the page

There are websites that offer infinite scrolling. But if they don’t provide a button that lets you return to the top of the page, it’s too complicated. But here too, Apple thought of you. Tap the area of ​​your screen that shows the time and battery. You will be taken directly to the top of the page.

This trick isn’t just for Safari. You can try this with all other apps on your iPhone.

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